Kirsten Berg is an artist known for reflective, large-scale sculptural installations of acrylic and steel. Living in Southeast Asia for the past 20 years has inspired Berg's striking style that integrates the West's inclination toward innovation and the individual with the contemplative, holistic perspective of Eastern philosophy. The fluid blending of Berg's project with their surrounding environments shifts perspective to a broader view, by revealing the illusion of boundary between viewer and object, personal and collective. 
Berg's work has generated interest and positive reviews from a range of international journals and online resources including Huffington Post, the Museum of Modern Art's blog, and Installation Magazine. Her work has been shown in galleries and the Nevada Discovery Museum, with smaller work and commissions in private collections. For three consecutive years, Berg has been the recipient of honorarium grants from the Burning Man Arts Organization.

Berg grew up between the San Francisco Bay and the Netherlands. After completing a degree in Classics/Archaeology, she moved to Asia 20 years ago and currently resides in SE Asia most of the year. 

The large sculptures and pieces of the Kaleido collection are available
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